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Nirvana filter cartridges – Serial TC

  • Nirvana cartridge filters are compatible with in-ground pools and spas.
  • Compatible with all of water treatment systems (salt, chlorine, etc.).
  • The unique Ring-LohTM feature provides “tool-free” access to the element for easy servicing. Built in stops will eliminate over-tighte ning.
  • Built-in "thoot" Ring-LohTM on allows you to easily disengage the lid from the tank.
  • Air bleed assure 100% filtration and longer filter cycles.
  • Heavy duty fliter element is contructed of durable polyester cloth. A coreless design allows the elements to be easily cleaned from the inside-out with a garden hose.
  • Our patented dirt catcher design prevents debris from falling into the tank even when the element is removed for cleaning.
  • Patented safety tab lock assures proper installation and safe operation.
  • Conveneint 2"(50mm) drain for easy draining and winterizing.

TC44044 ½ " (113 cm)23 7/8” (60,6 cm)

MODELFilter Area
ft2 (m2)
Item no.Flow Rate
Item no. GPM*
Total gallons circulated (m³)
6 hrs                 8 hrs
TC440440 (40,9)9422-0440165 (38)59 400 (228)79 200 (304)

Notes: 0.375 GPM/sq. ft. (0,91 m³/h / m²) based on NSF standards for commercial pool or spa applications. 1.0 GMP/sq. ft. (2,43 m³/h / m²) based on NSF standards for residential pool applications

Parts and labor2 years