The most efficient pool heat pumps in the US

For guaranteed warm water, choose Nirvana pool heat pumps! 25 years of expertise in pool heat pump and heat-cool systems for US climates.

The difference with Nirvana pool heat pumps

Turn your backyard into a resort

Nirvana is a team of dedicated pool enthusiasts with a specialty in manufacturing high-end pool heat pumps. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we’ve acquired unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of superior quality pool heat pumps. 

Our goal is to extend the swimming season for residents of the colder U.S. states, and to ensure ideal pool water temperature for the warmer regions, through our heating and cooling systems, in the warmer regions. Wherever you are located,  be prepared to enjoy a year round season of pool comfort with your family with the simple push of a button!

Our pool heat pumps stand out due to their exceptional energy efficiency and quiet, yet robust design. We are widely recognized for our professionalism and the expertise we bring to the field, guaranteeing an elevated swimming experience for all our clients.

Designed for all climates

Our pool heat pumps and heat-cool pumps are proudly designed for all regions and climates of the United States.

Remarkably quiet

Our heat pumps incorporate cutting edge noise reduction methods such as, scroll compressors, swept wing fan blades, compressor acoustic covers and super rigid casing that dampen vibrations.

Best energy efficiency

Our product has AHRI certification for industry-leading energy efficiency, which results in very low operating costs, especially in colder climates.

Best warranty on the market

Nirvana's quality design and construction allows us to offer the best warrantees in the industry, with up to 3 years labor and 10 years parts on certain models.

Your Swimming Pool, Your Zest for Life

At our company, we understand the joy of swimming in a comfortably heated pool.  We offer exceptional pool heat pumps to ensure your oasis stays at the perfect temperature, exactly as you imagine it.

We build world class heat pumps not only because of the pride, experience and reputation we dedicate in our products, but also because we’re pool enthusiasts just like you.

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