Filter media

Our filter media keeps your pool heat pump healthy, longer!

Maximum Filtration Performance

The usefulness of a filter media is determined by a compromise between the micron rate and the clogging capacity.

FC/PV Series are Brick and Mortar Only

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Get your fill of crystal clear water and brilliant sunshine every day, Nature Works Hi-Tech Glass Filter Media® is a modern filter media providing optimal pool performance every day.

Radically reducing excess chemicals, water and energy used, Nature Works Media creates significantly better pool conditions for you and your family, significantly reducing costs.

Designed to improve your pool experience and that of your system, Nature Works Media keeps your filtration system healthier, longer.


Due to its revolutionary Anti-Compaction Technology®, Nature Works is the only filter media that can last long periods of time.

Without risk

Exclusively made of granulated polyhedral glass, free from pores and sharp edges, your safety and that of your family remains our top priority.

Constant savings

Reduce water, energy and chemical consumption when adding natural glass filtration to your pool resulting in substantial savings

Unrivaled purity

Made from flat virgin glass, with a purity level of 99.999% or greater, your filter media is always high quality.


What is Nature Works®?

It is the latest generation filter media based on virgin recycled glass designed exclusively for water filtration. Simply replace your current filter media with Nature Works® to maximize the performance of each standard filter.

The effectiveness of Nature Works® relies on the elimination of the most common particles that can be found in a swimming pool and which make the water foggy. This simultaneously maximizes savings and efficiency.

Biosafety is no longer an option, but a professional responsibility

In order to keep users duly informed, we contacted the Swiss laboratory Bioexam AG, which carried out a battery of bacterial presence tests. In this way we can check the different levels of Bio-Safety of the most representative brands:

Safety is a basic quality when it comes to products used for the treatment of water for human use. That’s why at Nature Works® we put our glass through advanced micro-grinding to remove sharp, sharp edges.

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