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Betta SE pool heat pumps

The most efficient self-sufficient skimmer for pool maintenance

The Betta SE robotic skimmer is the rising star in pool maintenance in recent years. It combines unrivalled efficiency, manufacturing durability and a hassle-free charging system. In fact, it's self-sufficient because it charges itself with solar energy, making it totally energy-efficient.

Since its redesign in 2023, the chip-controlled twin SCT motors are now salt- and chlorine-tolerant, as well as exceptionally efficient and reliable. This cutting-edge technology guarantees uninterrupted, uncomplicated cleaning of the pool surface.

How does Betta SE work?
Whether we’re talking about moss, leaves or insects, impurities first float to the surface before eventually saturating your pool skimmer. Then they start to sink to the bottom of the water and can clog your pool drain.

Well, the Betta SE robot acts upstream of all this, cleaning the surface of your pool without respite, preventing debris from accumulating, sinking and clogging the skimmer. It operates automatically and recharges itself, so all you have to do is empty the basket when it’s full.

Advantages of Betta SE
  • Works mainly by itself
  • Works like a surface cleaner
  • Is powered entirely by the solar panel to recharge the battery
  • Completely autonomous, but can be controlled by remote control (included)
  • Equipped with various sensors, including a gyroscope for guidance when manoeuvring on the surface of the water
  • UV-resistant, easy-care
  • Uses ultrasonic radar to detect obstacles
  • Features a large fine-mesh debris basket with top handle
  • Easy to clean

The Betta SE skimmer is the essential tool for your pool

Warranty - Canada

The warranty

All Betta robots come with a standard one-year warranty.
. The warranty covers all mechanical and electrical malfunctions for one year from the date of purchase.
. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage resulting from accidents, improper use, abuse, modifications, tampering or failure by the purchaser to follow normal operating procedures as described in the user manual.
. Betta Care can only be purchased within 30 days of your purchase of Betta.
. The extended warranty (Betta Care) is only applicable in the United States and Canada.
. Betta is designed to operate in salt water up to 5000 PPM. Use in seawater pools voids warranty.
. Simple claims process; no deductibles or hidden charges.